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Easter Eggs & Giftables


Easter Eggs & Giftables

Happy Wednesday! Can you believe it's nearly Easter? Today we’re here to talk to you about some Oswald Easter traditions, and share some of our favorite giftables for your Easter baskets.

Every year the Oswalds get together as a family to create Pisanki eggs, a traditionally Polish craft that their family has adopted. They use eggs straight from Lisa’s chicken coop, so there’s always a surplus to decorate. They drill a tiny hole in the top and bottom of the egg to drain the yolk out, then they decorate them.

The dyed results are so gorgeous, and they last for decades. Lisa has dozens of the eggs they’ve decorated over the years that she brings out in an “egg tree.” They even made a Sorrelli egg that’s covered in crystals and stones.

This year, lightweight statement earrings are popular. We gathered up a few of our favorite Spring Collection hoops that we think would be great in your Easter baskets. They feature modern eyelet, lace, and pearl details that make them super on-trend for the season.

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Zoe Hoop Earrings

Alvina Hoop Earrings

Gardenia Hoop Earrings

Theresa Hoop Earrings

Cerise Statement Earrings

Does your family have any special Easter traditions? Let us know in the comments down below!


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