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Clear and Bright for Your Special Night

Hi there, Sorrelli fans! I know there are quite a few of you who are planning for weddings out there, and the Sorrelli Kutztown store is there to help with getting you the accessories that you need!

This Saturday, July 17th, during our Bridal event, we are launching our in-store exclusive rhodium bridal collection! These popular styles have been set in rhodium clear crystal, which pairs perfectly with a white bridal gown. The shine and the sparkle of the new rhodium collection cannot be understated! 

New Rhodium Styles


One customer that knows about the beauty of the new rhodium collection is Sara Elchin, who had attended our April Bridal event. Her wedding is in August, and these rhodium styles were just what she needed!

New Rhodium Styles The Bride Purchased


Let us help you prepare for your special moment! Book a private bridal event with us at the link below, and let our team of stylists help you find the perfect sets for you and your bridesmaids. Plus, sweets, treats, and the chance for the bridal party to create custom earrings!

Sign Up for A Private Bridal Event Here

What are you looking forward to celebrating? Let us know in the comments below!

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