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Alessandra is the co-founder and creative director of Mestiza. She started the company 6 years ago with her partner Luisa. They wanted to create a brand that stood for something they believed in, and create inclusivity and legacy worthy pieces meant to be passed down. Her favorite sisterhood moment from this year is when Mestiza launched the heirloom project. A program where they donate excess inventory to underserved women who might want to wear the dresses to feel empowered for events like prom, weddings, or job interviews. A trunk show they did with the Pink Ribbon Girls, a foundation who aids women battling breast cancer, was by far the most uplifting moment of her career. She listened to their stories, and was so moved to hear how wearing a pretty dress simply made them feel better. Today she’s shouting out to her badass interior designer friend Hawley, who she wants to thank for her endless support as a friend since their college days.

Her Sorrelli picks are the Inner Orbit Tennis Necklace & the Inner Orbit Crystal Slider Bracelet.




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