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Sisterhood Series with Elizabeth Faust

Welcome back to our Sisterhood Series! This week we are featuring Elizabeth Faust, the owner of The Collective Beauty Bar located in Kutztown, PA. The Collective Beauty Bar specializes in facials, eyelash extensions, brow services, as well as body waxing. Elizabeth has been in the beauty industry for five wonderful years. During her time, she has come in contact with many women who have empowered her along the way. One of these women being her first boss, Kitty, who is one of the most influential people Elizabeth has met on her journey. For her sisterhood shoutout, Elizabeth wanted to highlight Taylor Bowen @tb0wen, the social media director of The Collective Beauty Bar. Taylor is one of her best friends who always pushes and motivates her to be the best that she can be.


Check out the full video here!




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