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Sisterhood Series with Anna Ho


Today’s Sisterhood Series Feature is Anna Ho, VP of Operations at Go Get’em Tiger which is an LA based specialty coffee brand that has ten brick and mortar locations (soon to be more!) and roast their own coffee right in downtown LA. They also offer online ordering for anyone not located in LA to get fresh roasted coffee right to your door! Sisterhood means so much to Anna and is something that she falls back on to support her, especially having worked in a lot of male dominated industries. She says that she is very fortunate to have incredible groups of women in her life from friends from college, women from the Philippines where her family is from, and amazing women from business school which leads to a very familiar name here at Sorrelli that she wants to shout out, Lily. Anna wants to thank her for being such an amazing friend, congratulates her on her pregnancy, and sends lots of love!




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