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Sisterhood Series with Elaine Zelker

Welcome back to Sorrelli’s Sisterhood Series! This week we're featuring Elaine Zelker. She is a serial entrepreneur who works as a photographer and brand specialist at her studio in Easton, PA. Elaine is a co-owner alongside her husband of a cafe called Zekraft located in Bethlehem, PA. In addition to that, she also does social retail work online! While being a woman of many hats, she also found that her personal mission in life was “to teach other women to use their gifts and talents to rise and soar”. She expresses how grateful she is to be a mother of 3 daughters and also surrounded by other amazing women that she can share her message with. Elaine’s sisterhood shoutout goes to her best friend, Christine Ortiz. She is the person that encourages and empowers Elaine to be the best version of herself. Christine is a woman to watch out for because she goes above and beyond for others!

Like what Elaine is wearing? Check it out here! 




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