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Look for the Radiant Sunrise to Shine over Winter!

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.”
– John Steinbeck


Every winter, darkness covers the sky and cold harsh snow covers the ground, and it can be hard to think that spring and warmth will ever show up again. From November through March, the world is cold and dark and oh so slippery. You can’t count the number of times you’re forced to take a step out of your car and the slick ice has you falling down. It’s winter, it’s inevitable. And it feels so depressing.

How long do we have to endure these frigid temperatures and crazy winds that have you constantly with a bad hair day? When will things finally be warm and when will your face finally not be tinged red from the wind? The answer…not for another few months. But those months will pass quicker than you think and soon you’ll be outside, walking among the beautiful greens and the pastel flowers that have been missing from your life for so long. Stay happy because no matter how dark everything is right now this very moment, it’s only here to remind you of how good things will soon be once again. Cause soon those bright spring filled moments will be back to stay…for a few months at least.

However, saying you’ll stay optimistic and actually doing it are two completely different things. It can be hard to look outside at that wet, muddy, dread filled Earth and think ‘hey spring will be here soon’. Looking outside is the best way to remind yourself just how far away spring truly is. But don’t fear because to help you overcome these terribly dark times, Sorrelli has launched a new collection to help you see the spring that is quickly approaching, just one day at a time. We are going to help you forget about those cold winter mornings and remind you that warm spring airs, and gorgeous butterflies are soon to be, with the help of our new collection, Radiant Sunrise.


Featuring a dazzling array of colors from Fuchsia to Pacific Opal, Radiant Sunrise embodies the bright sparkling rays of new days. We work to bring you reminders of sunshine filled days, wearing your new little sundress and that bracelet that looks like it was made just for you. Feeling like a brand new rainbow after a storm filled day, this collection will have you smiling your way through the winter.

Don’t let the cold and the dreary pull you into a mood just as dark as it is, instead let Sorrelli help you find a way to push through the dark towards the brighter days ahead. You can do it, we know you can. We believe in you. Push and push and push until winter leaves way to spring and your smile that you’ve been faking for so many months finally becomes something real and genuine. You only have a little bit left until the warmth takes over, so why not enjoy the time with the cold? It can only get better from here!

So don’t be sad about winter anymore because you know that it’s simply a cold time meant to provide you with an appreciation for everything that spring brings. So embrace it. Accept it. Enjoy the time you have with winter and relish in the snow and the serenity it brings, because before you know it, the sunrise will come and everything will be different once again. Don’t rush your way out of winter because like John Steinbeck said, without winter, spring wouldn’t be as sweet. Your piece from the Sorrelli collection can help remind you just how sweet spring is.


This new part of the Sorrelli collection, will be something to help remind you this winter and every winter to come that soon bigger and brighter things will arrive. Every time you put it on, pick it up, or even look at it, your smile will be there to stay. Radiant Sunrise is the perfect remedy for those winter blues and the perfect statement for that first spring outfit.

Keep your eyes open and wait for that sunrise to bring warmer days. You can do this. Have faith in yourself. Winter will not get you down because you are a strong, independent person who can push through the dark times and be ready for the warmth of the spring. Grab your new Sorrelli earrings, go out into the freezing cold snow, flaunt your gorgeous smile, and work it. You are the incredible person who can stand in the middle of a blizzard, flashing your bright smile, and radiating a warmth that is only found through the hope of a spring to come.

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