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Embrace Your Valentine With Sorrelli!

Valentine’s Day is coming around again and thousands of people are making their way to the store to buy chocolate, stuffed animals, flowers, and most of all beautiful jewelry pieces for the significant other in their life. Don’t be that Valentine’s Day grinch who thinks of the day as only something that forces you to spend, spend, spend. Think of your loved one. If your loved one is a romantic then you bet you’re going to have to be a romantic on this holiday, so instead of thinking of it as a day to waste time and money by being forced to go to romantic dinners and corny cliche date spots, make it a day to cherish the person by your side. Besides, if you want to truly treasure your significant other on this heartwarming holiday, take a note from Saint Valentine himself!


There is no true knowledge of St. Valentine’s story, but apparently he fought to allow young men the right to marry. The emperor believed that single men would be better soldiers than men who had families. Imagine living in that world. In a world that prohibited you from being with the love of your life simply because you would be a better assistance to the empire by being single. How absurd is that?

Another legend about St.Valentine, says that he found himself in prison where he fell in love with the jailer’s daughter. In the end, right before his execution, he worked to get a letter to the woman he loved and he signed it “From your Valentine”. Talk about a Romeo and Juliet situation. Who would ever support a prisoner and the jailer’s daughter? It’s the epitome of romantic. Don’t you want to be the romantic Saint to your Valentine? I know you do, so enjoy the holiday with all your heart.

So don’t look at buying that gorgeous new necklace for your loved one as being a way to spend money carelessly. Think of it as a way to cherish the beautiful person in your life. Think of it as if you were one of the young men back in St. Valentine’s day who isn’t allowed to marry the love of your life. You worked so hard to be legally married so why not cherish them with as much as you have? Buying your love a sparkling gift isn’t just wasting money. It’s a way of treasuring the person in your life. Who wouldn’t want to treasure the person in their life? It’s a win win for both you and the love of your life.

Red Crystal Jewelry 

Instead of thinking of Valentine’ Day as such an archaic holiday that is a day no different than any other, think of it as a day to cherish the person that you have been given the privilege to love. Think of it as a day to cherish the one who stands by your side through everything. Think of it as a day to treasure the one who supports you, and cares for you, and is there for you when everyone else isn’t. Treasure them because life is short and you want to give them everything you have.

Take that time to enjoy the small window of time you have together. Buy them those flowers or those earrings that bring that glorious smile to their face because you love their smile and you never want to see anything but that smile on them. They deserve everything in the world, so why not try to give it to them? Embrace that everlasting feeling that love brings. Embrace it and hold onto that one person in your life who you want to love forever. Don’t let this holiday be a time for arguments but let it be a time for love and laughter surrounded by the nature of giving.


Forget the grudges and bad thoughts you have surrounding Valentine’s Day. Instead, look at your loved ones face and know that you want to make them the happiest they’ve ever been. You want to be the reason for the smile on their face so don’t waste it being bitter towards a holiday that only works to remind you and asks you to think of the one you love. While thinking of your love to fight for, think of Sorrelli and the perfect gift you can get to show them your true heart. Take advantage of XO & Sparkle, a combination of pieces from multiple connections, new and old, that truly cherish your love. Sparkling pink crystal’s will match the faint blush of your partner’s face as they gaze up at you, love adorning their eyes as they embrace their new and precious Valentine.

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