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Let's Make it Custom!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes it seems like I see a style of an earring and I can’t help but fall completely head over heels in love with it. It’s perfect. It’s just what I want to pair with my new spring outfit. There’s only one problem…the color! How can this be? Everything is absolute perfection but the color doesn’t work. Well we may have a small, limited time solution to help you get that perfect accessory.

On May 4th and 5th you have the option of helping to create your own custom earring. Take action to make your own life layered in sparkle. Or maybe make a little something special for your incredible mom. Whatever you choose to do, this event is the perfect creation to make your own sparkling design.


This incredible once in a lifetime event will be taking place on May 4th at our Allentown location, and on May 5th at our Kutztown location, from 11am-4pm. With a simple purchase of $150+ you can make your own sparkling Sorrelli earring based on your own particular tastes. Who better to make a design just for you than you?

Take some time to browse through Swarovski’s 2019 palette for spring and summer. You’ll be a year ahead of everyone on the fashion scene. Choose your favorite color that perfectly emphasizes your natural beauty and you’re half of the way to completing your own custom Sorrelli earring. Now all that’s left is finding the style that’s meant just for you. Pick from all of our different settings to create the stunning earring of your dreams. Our goal is to make you feel as beautifully unique as we already know you are. There’s no one quite like you and your jewelry should represent just that.

Shop Til You Drop
Maybe your not all that interested in creating your own custom design, because who are we kidding, you’re always able to find something within our diverse collections. So instead, take this time to shop through our brand new collections. You could be the very first person to shop through our new Summer collections right here at the event.

Featuring our stunning White Magnolia and jaw dropping Lilac Pastel collections, find your new summer accessory that’s just what you’ve been needing. From the sparkling lilac to the eye catching opal, take time to spend with us as you get ready with your new summer must-have. You’ll be the first to be seen sporting these gorgeous new styles. Stand out. Make a statement. You’re a beautiful Sorrelli woman and you deserve to look your absolute best!


Relax and Enjoy
Sometimes you just need a relaxing day out where you can eat and take cute pictures. You need time to yourself. So why not take that time surrounded by gorgeous jewelry and fun people. Not to mention, we’ll provide some delicious snacks for you to munch on. What better day off?

Stop on by and enjoy the food and fun. Bring mom. Celebrate Mother’s Day just a little early with the woman who deserves a good relaxing day. We all know you could enjoy a cool and calm day with mom. Make sure to use our hashtag #MakeMomSparkle in order to celebrate your fun day out. We hope to see all of your happy and love filled photos with mom. So join us. We’d love to see you there.


Embrace the sparkle in your life with an incredible day out of the house experiencing a little bit of what it’s like to be a jewelry designer. Design your own jewelry, shop the new collections, and have a good relaxing day that you’ve been in desperate need of. This is the day meant just for you. So embrace it and enjoy this new experience. We’ll help you find your own new life layered in sparkle.

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