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It's Easter, Time to Give Gifts!

It’s Easter, and that means your thoughts probably almost automatically weave their way down to one thing…chocolate! It’s Easter and that definitely means chocolate. But here’s a little secret for you. This holiday definitely isn’t all about the chocolate anymore. Recently people have begun buying much more than just the sweet treat. They now tend to buy gifts of all kinds as a part of their celebrations.

Take some time while you’re out shopping to have a look at the little gifts you can get for your loved ones. Find the things that can make them smile, or the gifts that they simply can’t get for themselves. In spirit of these Easter gifts, here are Sorrelli’s picks for the best gifts you can buy to have you embracing your inner Easter Bunny!


Flowers to Last a Lifetime
Easter is the perfect time to gift someone a breathtaking bouquet. Go to your favorite flower shop and order your mother-in-laws favorite flowers to help decorate her dinner table. Grab a potted plant for your sister to start off her spring gardening. Pick out the brightest colors that will have them feeling like they’re ready to rock this spring. Or choose light pastel colored flowers that seem to match this sweet, bunny filled holiday. Not only will they be looking gorgeous on your loved ones table, but they’ll smell just as great! Or if you’re not an actual flower person, think about buying fake, because they look just as great but they last even longer.

Bunnies to Keep You Cute
You can’t tell me that buying something distinctly bunny shaped for Easter isn’t the absolute perfect gift there is. It’s Easter, you need to go bunny! When you’re out shopping for those special gifts, there is no doubt that around every corner there will be something bunny that will catch your attention. It’s simply the expected on Easter, so why not be a little cliche and pick up your loved one something cute to remember. Buy your niece that giant stuffed bunny that’s bigger than she is. Get your mother a coffee mug with a bunny on it and a cute quote. Go bunny!

Jewelry to Spice Up Life
What better way to celebrate the Easter holiday than with a beautiful necklace or ring to help your family or friend remember the day. Sorrelli has quite a few memorable pieces under $100 that would be the perfect addition to someone’s jewelry collection. Whether it be a cross pendant necklace, or some gorgeous colorful earrings to get them into that spring mood, jewelry is the perfect memorable gift. Take the time to search for the perfect gift that you know your loved one would like to have. Spending this time on them shows them how much you care that you tried to find something perfectly suited for their taste. Besides, now they have something new to wear with their cute Easter outfit!


Eggs to Cleanse Your Palate
This Easter, gift someone a cute little Easter egg to have them really in the Easter spirit. Think about picking up an acrylic egg. These little gifts are features in many people’s homes so why not add to their little collection with an egg of your own. These eggs not only look great but they can last forever. If acrylic eggs aren’t your thing, what about soap? Yeah I know that sounds a little strange but there are actually places out there that create soaps that are shaped and decorated to look just like eggs. People will be thinking you gave them an actual egg. No matter what, eggs are the perfect little Easter gift to show people you care.

Chocolate to Sweeten Your Day
Okay, yes, we admit Easter isn’t all about the chocolate anymore, but you still need chocolate in order for it to feel like the holiday. It’s a simple must! Chocolate is a staple of Easter and it simply wouldn’t be right without this yummy savory treat. Go to the store and splurge on someone’s favorite chocolate truffle. Or maybe order some delicious chocolate covered strawberries to they can feel like they’re being a little healthy. Pick up their favorite chocolaty treats, and while you’re at it pick up a little something for yourself as well. You can never have too much chocolate, right?


Whatever gift you decide to go with this Easter, you’ll have your loved ones feeling loved and appreciated this holiday. You can go with jewelry, chocolate, or even eggs, and there will be smiles all around. So don’t wait for the Easter Bunny to come bring you something. Go be your own Easter Bunny!

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