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Happy Easter!

April 21st is Easter, which means it’s time to welcome the warm weather and get into some of your favorite holiday traditions with the family.  These ideas are sure to inspire and make this Easter Sunday one to remember!

Easter Traditions

Every family has their own traditions for the Easter holiday, but the most common ones involve Easter baskets, coloring eggs, and going on Easter egg hunts.  The great thing about these festivities is that you can put your own twists on them and they don’t always have to be just for kids!  Even if you’ve outgrown your old belief of the Easter Bunny, you can still arrange personalized Easter Baskets for all of your loved ones or even switch it up and have the kids hide eggs in a grown-up Easter egg hunt for a fun prize.


Another fun thing to do this Easter is get crafty! DIY’s are a great idea for saving money on holiday decor, and they’re yet another way to get the kids involved too.  You never know, you might even find yourself with a new family hobby!

You could also get creative with some new Easter recipes.  If your house is the gathering place for family on Easter, you might consider some fun Easter-themed horderves in addition to the traditional holiday ham.  These cute snacks are fun to make, fun to eat, and they’re sure to be a hit at your Easter Sunday gathering.

Sorrelli Outfit Inspiration

If you’re stuck contemplating what to wear, look no further. because Sorrelli offers all the essentials that will put a real spring in your step this Sunday! Our Pastel Prep and Beach Comber collections provide a beautiful touch of sparkle with the perfect pop of color that will be sure to accent whatever you decide to wear! Even if you don’t plan on dressing up and stepping out on Easter, these wonderfully versatile pieces are sure to be a conversation-starter.

However you decide to spend it, Easter is a time to cherish every moment with family while making precious memories. For more on these inspirations and other fun ideas, check out Sorrelli’s Easter Pinterest board!

Happy Easter from our Sorrelli Family to yours!

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