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Breast Cancer Awareness

To the Sorrelli Family, supporting women in their passion and in life is our number one goal. Our CEO sat down for some tea and coffee, with her grandmother Lagora, one of the original Sorrelli staff members ;) and a Breast Cancer survivor. On our blog, Lily talks with her about the process and the love and support she received during her treatment.


In the video, Lagora talks about her diagnosis 20 years prior with a pragmatic approach. “When I felt that something was wrong, I didn’t think it was cancer, really,” she states. Lagora imparts this wisdom onto the viewers: “You really need to act, don’t waste time with it... Get a mammogram routinely… It’s the tool that you use to know if something is wrong.” At the end of the video, Lily gifts the Tear Drop Gift Set and our new mask charm from the Breast Cancer Awareness Collection as a symbol of the strength Lagora and many women like her possessed during this period of their lives.

Sorrelli Jewelry is committed to supporting women in their passion and in life, and that is why we have partnered up with three foundations for the month of October: Susan G. Komen for online donations; the Breast Cancer Support Services of Berks County for donations from the Kutztown Sorrelli store; and the Lehigh Valley Cancer Institute for donations from our shop-in-shop, AM Luxe. This Saturday, October 3rd, will be the Think Pink Shop & Support event, hosted by Sorrelli Jewelry and BCSS. 10% or $1 of the proceeds from Breast Cancer Awareness Collection sales will go towards one of these foundations.

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