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Meg is a Partner at Amplifyher Ventures, a Venture Capital firm investing in early-stage businesses built by exceptional women. She’s also a mother to an adorable 18 month old. One of her favorite sisterhood moments was a year ago, when she was hosting an event and giving a welcome speech to a room of extraordinary women. In the middle of the speech, she forgot what she was supposed to say next. She looked at everyone and said, "I'm sorry, but my 7th month old hasn't slept in weeks, and I can't remember what I was about to say." The room instantly warmed up, and everybody from that moment on was open to sharing anecdotes about their own person lives with each other. That moment in itself felt truly empowering and supportive. Today she’s shouting out to her Mom. In the spirit of Sorrelli, her favorite mother/daughter brand, she wants to thank her mom because her entrepreneurial spirit has always inspired her.


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The Sisterhood Series with Meg Cross from Sorrelli Jewelry on Vimeo.

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