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Romantic Gift Ideas for Wife

Show your love for your wife with romantic gift ideas from Sorrelli. There are countless things you could give her for special occasions, but it’s hard to go wrong with a stunning piece of Swarovski® crystal jewelry!

Sorrelli is a family-owned jewelry design company headquartered in Kutztown, PA. Since 1983, we’ve been handcrafting bold, beautiful necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings with a unique combination of semi-precious and synthetic cabochons, and genuine Swarovski® crystals in a wide range of sophisticated shapes, cuts and spectacular colors.

Go With a Color She Loves

Romantic Gift Ideas for WifeChoosing a piece of jewelry based on color can be a great way to find something your wife will love, whether it’s her favorite color, her birthstone, or simply one that has special meaning. Sorrelli is an industry leader in the Swarovski® crystal color palette, so our unparalleled color selection is guaranteed to offer everything you need.

  • Purple: Purple is the color of royalty. It’s one of the most popular crystal colors and among the most romantic. Ranging from light violet to deep, dark purple, it complements any fashion style, and most people look good in it. You’ll find a wide assortment of purple Swarovski® crystal jewelry in the Sorrelli online store.
  • Green: Green is a refreshing, down-to-earth color that symbolizes nature. It’s a perfect balance of yellow and blue, and can be warm or cool depending on the color ratios. It also promotes harmony, prosperity, and long-lasting love, and is said to be the color of healthy relationships. Take a look at Sorrelli’s spectacular green Swarovski® crystal jewelry.
  • Red: Red comes in many different shades and is a wonderful choice for women who want to be noticed. It’s the color of prosperity, joy, passion and romance. It can make her look confident, assertive and sexy. When you want to boost her confidence and help her make a lasting impression, browse through Sorrelli’s red Swarovski® crystal jewelry to find a piece your wife might love.
  • Blue: Do you need to be forgiven for something? Buy her something blue! Blue is a calming color that signifies loyalty and trustworthiness. It’s the most universally liked color and comes in a wide range of hues, from strong sapphire blue to warmer shades, such as turquoise and teal. Take a look at our fantastic selection of sparkling blue Swarovski® crystal jewelry.
  • Yellow: Yellow is lively, cheerful and uplifting, and looks best on people with cool skin tones. Yellow is also said to stimulate wisdom and clarity. If you want to brighten her spirit, take a look at Sorrelli’s beautiful handcrafted Swarovski® crystal earrings in eye-catching yellow hues.
  • Pink: Pink is soft and delicate. It’s the color of universal love and beauty. The softer shades are very feminine, and the darker shades are said to promote peace and relaxation. Sorrelli offers handcrafted pink Swarovski® crystal jewelry in a variety of beautiful hues.

A little thoughtfulness will help you choose most romantic gifts for your wife. For more great ideas, visit us online to shop 24-hours-a-day, call us at 877.659.4374, or find our dazzling jewelry at Sorrelli brand stores in Kutztown and Allentown, PA, or at one of our authorized retail partners.

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