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Handcrafted Blue Swarovski Crystal Necklaces

If blue is your favorite color, handcrafted blue Swarovski® crystal necklaces from Sorrelli are the perfect accessory for any occasion, whether fun and casual or beautifully formal.

Handcrafted Blue Swarovski Crystal NecklacesSorrelli is a family-owned jewelry design company founded in 1983 and based in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. Our jewelry, handcrafted from genuine semi-precious stones and high-quality Austrian crystals, grace the jewelry boxes of celebrities, career women, and jewelry lovers of every age and background.

Why We Love Swarovski® Crystals

Swarovski® crystals have the fire of diamonds and twice the sparkle! They are precision-cut, man-made gems that are manufactured in Austria. They have a brilliant shine that is far superior to the shine of an imitation crystal, and are available in a greater variety of colors, effects and shapes than other manufacturers.

Sorrelli is an industry leader in the color palette for Swarovski® crystals, so whether you decide on blue or a different color, your necklace is guaranteed to dazzle!

The Right Necklace for Your Neckline

Whether your taste is glamorous or subtle, Sorrelli necklaces add the perfect amount of sparkle to your wardrobe. They should enhance the outfit you’re wearing instead of obscuring, complicating or competing with it.


This unassuming neckline is rounded and has no collar. Because the style shortens your neckline, a short necklace, such as a collar necklace, will compete with it. And thin, short chains often end up hiding inside your outfit. The best choice is a longer necklace that lengthens your neckline, such as a bib necklace or big, colorful statement necklace.


The V-neck is one of the most flattering neckline styles. It is formed by straight lines from the shoulders that help create a longer neckline. A choker style necklace will counteract this lengthening effect. Ideally, a 15” to 18” necklace that matches the shape of the “V” is the perfect choice. If the “V” is especially deep, consider layering several necklaces of different lengths and textures.


A collared blouse or dress is another very flattering neckline style, but avoid necklaces that are too wide and very long necklaces that compete with the vertical button placket on the outfit. Instead, choose an over-the-collar statement necklace, a dainty pendant necklace that sits above the last open button, or a spectacular choker style necklace with a pop of color and sparkle peeking out from under the collar.


The turtleneck features a high, close-fitting, turned-over collar. It works best with longer necklaces of at least 18”, such as Sorrelli’s long strand necklaces, and longer pendant necklaces that help elongate your neck in a sophisticated and understated way.

Each Sorrelli necklace features an extension chain that enables you to adjust the length an extra one, two, or three inches. If a necklace you love is available in other colors or has a matching ring, bracelet or earrings, you will see the options on each individual item page.

Visit Sorrelli to discover the impression you’ll make when wearing a handcrafted blue Swarovski® crystal necklace or another fabulous piece of our handcrafted jewelry. Shop online from the comfort of your home, call us at 877.659.4374, or find our stunning collections at your nearest Sorrelli brand store or authorized retail partner.

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