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Crafted Jewelry

If you are looking for artisan crafted fashion jewelry instead of pieces that are mass-produced in huge quantities, Sorrelli offers unique and affordable earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings designed with stunning combinations of brilliant Swarovski® crystals and natural and synthetic stones.

Crafted JewelrySorrelli jewelry is handcrafted by talented designers and skilled artisans who are trained in traditional jewelry-making techniques. Each piece is hand soldered, carved and shaped, and has the genuine feel of a fine handmade piece of jewelry.

Our jewelry is available in a wide range of sophisticated shapes and cuts, and an amazing selection of colors. Each piece is crafted in durable brass settings that are plated in bright gold-tone, bright silver-tone, antique gold-tone, antique silver-tone, or gunmetal finishes. They are designed to last a lifetime with proper care, and come with a Lifetime Guarantee.

What’s Your Jewelry Personality?

The next time you reach for your favorite piece of jewelry, think about what it says about you. What is your jewelry personality?

  • Classic Chic – Do you steer clear of the latest trends in favor of classic designs? Classic jewelry is timeless, and you’ll wear the pieces over and over again with a variety of different outfits. We recommend our classic crystal line bracelets and classic drop earrings for this jewelry personality.
  • Romantic – Are you drawn to feminine clothes with lace and floral patterns? Delicate chains and unique details are your friends when going for a romantic look. An elegant pair of stunning earrings and a show-stopping cuff braceletin your favorite color would also be excellent choices.
  • Laid-Back – Do you love easy-to-wear handcrafted pieces that are a bit unconventional? If you are casual yet chic, comfortable yet cool, and relaxed yet put-together, a Bohemian jewelry style, with free-flowing designs and natural elements, will suit your personality. We think you’ll admire our crystal-encrusted pendant necklaces and earrings.
  • Attention-Seeker – If you’re adventurous and prefer eye-catching jewelry that tells the world you’re ready for anything, you probably love bold chains, chunky and colorful bracelets, and long, sparkling earrings. Sorrelli has you covered with a wide variety of choices, including our stunning stackable baguette crystal rings and dramatic statement necklaces.
  • Glamorous – If you’re always in the mood for a dazzling look accompanied by sophisticated drama and a subtle allure, this style may describe you. A glamorous style is never complete without sparkle and a healthy dose of black and white, so be sure to check out the spectacular pieces in our Black & White collection.

With unique artisan crafted jewelry from Sorrelli, you’ll be able to pull off a stunning look regardless of the occasion. Shop in our online store 24/7, call us at 877.659.4374, or visit a Sorrelli brand store in Kutztown or Allentown, PA, or one of our authorized retail partners throughout the country.

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