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Christmas Gifts for Your Wife

When shopping for Christmas gifts for your wife, you’ll be faced with hundreds of choices. Why not buy her something that most women can’t resist? Jewelry!

Sorrelli is a family-owned jewelry design company based in Kutztown, Pennsylvania.  Whether your wife has simple or glamorous tastes, we offer an unsurpassed selection of jewelry designs that will show off her personality and make her feel fabulous all day long.

Our jewelry is handcrafted from a unique combination of semi-precious and synthetic cabochons and genuine, sparkling Swarovski® crystals. Swarovski® manufactures the world’s most brilliant high-quality Austrian crystal. Their patented crystal-cutting technology ensures that their crystals have smooth lines, perfect faceting and a flawless finish.

Fashion Jewelry Shopping Tips

Christmas Gifts for Your WifeMany men get frustrated or intimidated when selecting jewelry for the women in their lives. Women have different fashion personalities, which they express through their clothing and accessories. If you can find a way to let her pick out what she wants, or at least give you a few hints, it will save you some anxiety! Alternatively, a little advance research will help:

  1. Crystal color: Does your wife have a favorite color? Does she love to wear bright, colorful clothing, or is her wardrobe mostly neutral or black? Sorrelli’s incredible Swarovski® crystal jewelry designs often incorporate stones such as freshwater pearls, reconstructed turquoise, desert jasper and tiger’s eye. We are also an industry leader in the Swarovski® crystal color palette, so our unparalleled color selection is guaranteed to meet your needs.
  2. Metal Color: Does your wife prefer gold-toned or silver-toned jewelry? Again, observe the pieces she wears most often. Sorrelli necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings are handcrafted in durable brass settings that are plated in an antique gold-tone, antique silver-tone, bright gold-tone, bright silver-tone, or gunmetal finish.
  3. Proportions: Does your wife prefer bold pieces that make a statement, or are her choices more understated and subtle? If she’s always on top of the latest trends, Sorrelli has a wide variety of choices that will suit her, such as our stunning stackable baguette crystal rings and dramatic statement necklaces. If she prefers classic designs to trendy, attention-getting pieces, choose from our classic emerald cut crystal rings, classic crystal line bracelets and classic drop earrings.
  4. Jewelry design company: In addition to gathering opinions from her friends and family members, it’s important to work with a reputable jewelry company whose knowledgeable staff will share their expertise with you to help you make the perfect choice. Sorrelli is known worldwide for our signature designs and incredibly high-quality materials and workmanship. Each of our unique pieces is designed to last a lifetime with proper care and comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.

Sorrelli jewelry designs grace the jewelry boxes of celebrities, career women, and jewelry lovers of every age and background. Women who love a generous helping of glamour and glitter in their lives are naturally drawn to the beautiful pieces in our many collections, and we would love to help you find a piece your wife will cherish forever!

Visit Sorrelli online to buy Christmas gifts for your wife from the comfort of your home, contact us at 877.659.4374, or find your nearest Sorrelli brand store to shop in person for your favorite pieces. Our designs are also carried by authorized retail partners throughout the U.S.


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