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20th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Wife

Have you run out of anniversary gift ideas for your wife? Capture her heart on your 20th anniversary with unique and affordable sparkling jewelry from Sorrelli, and show her how much you care.

Sorrelli is headquartered in Kutztown, PA, but we are known worldwide for our signature designs, incredibly high-quality ingredients and excellent workmanship. Any woman who loves a generous helping of glamour and sparkle in her life is naturally drawn to the beautiful pieces in our many collections.

20th Anniversary Gift Ideas for WifeSorrelli artisans use genuine Swarovski® crystals in the majority of our jewelry. These crystals are precision-cut, man-made gems manufactured in Austria. They have a brilliant shine that is far superior to the shine of an imitation crystal and are the key ingredient in Sorrelli jewelry’s sparkle.

Celebrate a 20th Wedding Anniversary with Sparkle

China is the traditional gift for the 20th wedding anniversary. If your wife already has plenty of china vases and dinner sets, consider buying her a dazzling piece of Swarovski® crystal jewelry in the official 20th anniversary gemstone color – emerald green.

Green is a calming, refreshing, down-to-earth color that symbolizes nature. It’s a perfect balance of yellow and blue and can be warm or cool depending on the color ratios. Take a look at Sorrelli’s spectacular green Swarovski® crystal jewelry for the perfect gift idea.

If you think she would prefer a different color, such as earrings or a necklace in her birthstone for example, Sorrelli crystal jewelry is available in a wide range of sophisticated shapes and cuts, and an amazing selection of colors.

  • Red: Browse through our red Swarovski® crystal jewelry for a piece that will convey your love, passion and loyalty. Red has endless variations. It can make her look confident, assertive and sexy, and is the perfect choice for a woman who loves to be noticed.
  • Pink: Sorrelli offers handcrafted pink Swarovski® crystal jewelry in a range of beautiful hues. Pink is soft, delicate, feminine, and romantic, and pairing it with black or grey clothing will give her an air of sophistication.
  • Blue: Take a look at our selection of sparkling blue Swarovski® crystal jewelry. Blue is peaceful, calming, and one of the most popular colors for jewelry. Consider a stunning necklace and matching earrings from our blue fashion jewelry collection because they remind you of the color of her eyes.
  • Purple: Most people look good in purple. You’ll find a wide assortment of purple Swarovski® crystal jewelry in the Sorrelli online store. Any of our spectacular purple-hued earrings and bracelets would be delightful choices.

It’s not necessary to prove your commitment and devotion by buying expensive jewelry, but choosing a high-quality piece that is designed to last for generations will convey how you feel about your relationship. Sorrelli jewelry is designed to last a lifetime with proper care, and each piece comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.

Visit Sorrelli for dozens of wonderful 20th anniversary gift ideas for your wife. Shop online from the comfort of your home, call us at 877.659.4374, or click here to locate your nearest Sorrelli brand store or authorized retail partner.

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