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Special Services

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery of any special orders, and note that special orders are not returnable or refundable unless there is a defect in the manufacturing, and these orders must be paid for in advance. Sorrelli pieces are made as best fit, but should you wish, we offer the following special services:

Lengthening a Bracelet
30% surcharge (in addition to the list price of the piece [e.g., $30 list price + 30% = $39]) plus the cost of any additional parts
Shortening a Bracelet
30% surcharge (in addition to the list price of the piece [e.g., $30 list price + 30% = $39])
Earring Conversion
Some post and french wire earrings can be made into clip earrings (and vice versa) at your request. If request is made at the time order is placed (i.e., before the piece is manufactured), there is a one-time $5 fee. If a conversion is requested for a finished piece, a flat fee of $18 applies.
Replacing a Lost Earring/“Make-a-Mate”
A flat fee of one-half the price of the earring set is charged for the mate. (e.g. $40 price = $20 make-a-mate fee)

Instructions for Requesting a Special Service

  1. Please download, complete, and include our repair form,in a well-padded box, with the piece that you are interested in modifying.
  2. Mail to:
    Sorrelli Jewelry
    ATTN: Repairs
    125 W. Main Street
    Kutztown, PA 19530